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Well it HAD to be Angelica.... (diapers/DDDDC)

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Finnish chocolate (that came with my soaker
) yes... but I don't know any Finnish men

Btw, Hunter is just waking up with *surprise, surprise* a RB FLAG and a Celtic Wool cover on
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I'm just teasing you!
I can't think of any other reasons that you'd wanna stay here forever on your trip, so I'm focusing your attention on the amazing chocolate and the handsome men.
Hey I've decided we're going to go to London for a couple days on your trip out here and visit the Tower of London....spooky..... to keep this on topic, right now DS is sleeping and eating and wearing some soaker shorts knit by Jen with yarn from BBB on top of a Kiwi Pie fitted hemp diaper with a cute fishy print that is on the SOS instock store right now.
I love maria's diaper design, I can't wait until these are more available....
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Trying to keep me there huh
And London sounds fine!!

Hunter is now in a FMBG fitted and BSWW (the morning poop combo!)
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Today we had a poop experience at Laura's cafe. if you've ever read about my hangout joint on, you'll know about Laura's cafe (Vanha Vanilja), and it's cute and cozy and whatever.

Then today we had major poopage, took him into the little tiny bathroom and stripped him down from the waist to the toes and washed him in the sink. The sink then wouldn't go down and I had DS half naked suspended over the toilet full of yellow BM-poo water, and Crystal was helping me out by keeping DS entertianed so he would tolerate this. Then this little old man comes out of the only stall and I HOPE he didn't want to wash his hands, and we had to crowd to one side to let him out during all this. A fuzbaby fitted full of poop lay on the floor to deal with later and a kiwi pie rice cashmere cover hung on the coat rack on the wall.....

The sink finally drained after five mintues or so (a long time to wait in this position), and I ran fresh water to clean him up and used some handsoap, and put him into a disposanot and put his pants and shoes back on.
I thought it went rather well, I used rice paper so most of the poo got flushed without my having to do anything with the dipe other than throw it into the Happy Tushies wonderbag.

Oh I better go get it out of there right now before it stinks up my diaper bag and pail the sucker.
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