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Well now I know what my MIL thinks of nursing an older child...

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I'm sure this will be *great* fun when Orion is older!

Ds was nuzzling my shirt, obviously looking for milkies, when my MIL decided to share this story:

Her friend nursed her son until he was 4. My MIL once saw the child on her friend's lap saying "Milkies! Milkies!" and lifting her mom's shirt. I said "Aw! That's sweet!" and she said "No its not! That's the grossest thing I've *ever* seen!" and my 16 year old SIL agreed.

My ds is 9 months old right now. The age MIL weaned all 4 of her children (except I think she bottlefed the youngest, SIL?). I wonder when breastfeeding ds will be "the grossest thing ever". Hm.

I'm surprised she didn't ask me after that when I was going to wean Orion. I bet she would have fallen off her chair with what would have been my reply "Oh, he's going to self wean". Maybe she didn't want to get into it with me when he was so tired he was arching his back and *screaming* and she asked if I wanted the playpen for him to sleep in when I've told her like fifteen hundred times that he sleeps *with* or *on* me and can't yet put himself to sleep and I snapped at her "He WON'T sleep in it!". Besides with 8 people and 2 dogs running barking through the house and a tv blaring at full blast I'd be surprised if *anyone* could sleep through that!
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UGH! Lisa.. I'm sorry.. You should really join us in the Worst MIL contest over in TAO.. I"m sure you'd be a runner up or at LEAST get an honorable mention.. Everything I hear about your MIL makes me shake my head..

UGH! I'm sorry you have to deal with this.. And the saddest part is this isn't even the worst that she gets..

and keep up the good work momma..

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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LOL Dyan! I *just* posted a *BIG* ol' post there! I'm now reading the posts there...
: Its hard to resist bad MIL stories, huh?
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Are you sure we don't have the same MIL starmama?

Mine is very weird about anything beyond the 1 year mark.
: She claims to be so natural and so in touch with her roots and her ancestors and the way things are done in nature but when it comes to breastfeeding that's another story.
When I told her about the IQ thing she said my ds could just be "average."
She doesn't even know I'm bfing my 3 yo (and we're doing CLW too) but luckily we never really see her. It's going to be so annoying when I do see her and have to deal with it.

Too bad that many MIL's are notorious for being unsupportive of their DIL's.
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When I told her about the IQ thing she said my ds could just be "average."
Isn't that what you want to give your child--- the minimum, just enough, average...
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