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Well now, this is neat

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My son is starting to show an interest in using the potty.

So - in an effort to encourage potty-use, I have started turning the doublers I use in his diapers upside down.

These are fleece-topped, and for outings, naps and night I still put the doublers with the fleece against his skin, but during the day at home, I put the fleece part against the diaper.

Well now - he's peeing, but the fleece is trying to keep all the pee in the doubler ! His diapers aren't feeling very wet, but the doublers are just sopping wet !

Now - to use this information to the best I can, I'll be using 2 doublers at night - 1 fleece up, 1 fleece down ! Most of the pee should stay between the 2 layers of fleece I think.

How cool is this ?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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