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Just registered my 5 yr old for homeschool, & had to file my first ever official exemption. (I was nervous, because I had to bug the B of Ed to dig up my previous records from older child, I couldn't find my documentation for nuthin'. So when I called to ask exactly what they could dredge up from their files, & what I needed to bring, I got a perky, "Just bring the vax records!". Oy.)

But it all went smooth as butter; I just had a notarized copy of the law & claimed my religious exemption, none of the explaining long paragraphs of yore for my dr's records... easy peasy.

(Homeschool vax laws are the same in my state for public school, so I'm sure this will be a relief to others, not just homeschoolers. I pray they don't ever hassle us, but I can remember those long convoluted religious arguments in front of the Supremes if I need too

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