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Well you know it is more than I deserve!

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*sniff* I have been having a REALLY hard time lately, you remember my diaper fairy post from Friday where I said my friend had her baby at 23 1/2 weeks and was getting bad news left and right and the diaper fairy showed up on Fri with an adorable cloud 9 softie for me (well for new baby)? Well the baby didn't make it...
I felt just horrible for my friend, I couldn't imagine the pain. And you know what? The diaper fairy struck AGAIN!! I got a crickets hemp diaper and 2 wool liners!! I couldn't believe it! I was shocked I mean diaper fairy 2 days in a row, two of the WORST days I have had in a long time!? *sniff* diaper fairy you really have a gift for being the best. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart, when I thought nothing would make me smile again you certainly did. I truely appreciate it.
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Oh I'm so sorry about your friend. Thats just awful, she has my prayers.

But that diaper fairy sure knows how to hit at just the right time
Oh Marnie - I'm so sorry for your friend and her family. What a sad loss.

But what an awesome Diaper Fairy - seems like she sure has a knack for knowing when someone's day needs to be brightened.
Marnie, I just read that thinking wow I wonder if she knows Trisha. I couldnt see your sig yet. LOL I thought it was horrible to happen to someone else, that would make 3 people in 2 weeks that I heard of.

I am so glad you got something to cheer you up! That would have helped my last few days too!
I'm so sorry about your friend's baby.

That diaper fairy is one amazing lady.
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and I am so sorry to hear about your friends baby.
OH Marnie
I can't believe she lost her baby. That is horrible. It's one of my biggest fears, especially with a history of eclampsia.... that I could have a stillbirth or a preemie who doesn't survive.

I will be praying for her.

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