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Wellbutrin & bf 14 month old

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Has anyone here taken Wellbutrin while bf? I have taken it will success in the past but I was no longer bfing.

Thank you!
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I have not personally taken Wellbutrin, but I know several people who took it while breastfeeding and they were breastfeeding infants much younger than yours, including newborns.
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I'm taking it, and Katherine is 13 days old. Neither I nor she have had any side effects, as far as I know. I went on Wellbutrin when I found out I was pg b/c it was a Category B, and the Zoloft I was on was Category C. My DH was an ass about the whole meds thing. Now that I'm getting depressed, though, I think I need to go back to the Zoloft cuz the Wellbutrin clearly isn't working.
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