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WendyLouWho...Where are you?

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Wendy and I were in the middle of a trade and then all of a sudden...nothing...

Does anyone know if everything is OK? Her feedback said she was prompt, great communicator, etc., so I hope all is well!!!!
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Sorry mama! I'm around!

Haven't had a chance to get the serger cones from my mom's house...I'll pm you when I have them. Hectic weekend here between soccer and scouts

Once I get the cones, we will finalize the deal and see if we have a trade
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What a relief! I had pm'd you and hadn't heard back, so I thought I'd better check on you!

One time I lost contact with someone during a transaction and found out later that she had been in the hospital. Now I check up on people!

Glad it's just been one of those weeks rather than something upsetting!

Keep me posted,

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