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I'm sad and happy. Dh had a professional milestone to celebrate and I was rummaging through my closet at some of the fun clothes I haven't worn since before I was pregnant. I tried on a tight blue sparkly shirt, and Dd loved it. Her usual routine is "I dont like it, it doesn't have openings, I can't nurse."

This time she said "wear that one wear that one."

I told her that if I wore it, she would not be able to nurse at the restaurant. I never did master discreet nursing with regular clothes. I coudn't believe my ears: "I don't want to nurse. I'll wait for the restaurant food."

I was excited to be wearing something fun again, but I had tears in my eyes "I don't want to nurse..." She's 34 months.

We went out for a short dinner. Dd rested her cheek on my breasts toward the end of the dinner, with switching sides just like when she's nursing. Then she started mouthing me. Then she asked to nurse, and I reminded her that we were going to wait until we got home, and she said, "I want to go home."

We got home and had a big nursing party. In her sleep, she's talking about nursing. So I guess it's not over yet.
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