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Originally Posted by Curious
We went out for a short dinner. Dd rested her cheek on my breasts toward the end of the dinner, with switching sides just like when she's nursing. Then she started mouthing me. Then she asked to nurse, and I reminded her that we were going to wait until we got home, and she said, "I want to go home."

We got home and had a big nursing party. In her sleep, she's talking about nursing. So I guess it's not over yet.
awww... that makes my heart melt.
we aren't nearly to that stage yet but i can imagine how that feels. glad you got to wear some fun clothes though! i'm really missing some of my cute dresses that would be impossible to nurse in without taking the whole thing off...
but i can wait. the dresses will always be there... my babies wanting to nurse will not.
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