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Went through the pantry today

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Ever notice how sometimes a new purchase actually *helps* the clutter situation? I don't mean the obvious, like buying a storage system, I mean little things that just inspire you to do more.

I've decided to make the switch to dried beans and while I was in the store with my little bags I realized that I don't like loose bags in the pantry and that I didn't really have a good place to put them. I think this right as I walk into the aisle with all the canning jars for sale. Bingo! I head home with a dozen wide mouthed quart jars.

So as I'm transferring the beans to the jars at home, dh comes over to help and he says "what else could we put in jars?" Next thing you know, the top shelf of our pantry is cleared out, stuff we haven't used for years is in the Goodwill pile, and all the rest of the pantry has more space even though I just came home with 6 bags of groceries.
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yay! Sometimes, it's the little change that lets you see the big picture.
Wow, good for you! Which reminds pantry could use an overhaul...
Right on

Now you got me thinking, i should do something about my cupboards too
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Great job mama

funny thing is I just did this in my pantry last started with my frustration with dried beans too
I even got motivated enough to get out my label maker and label all of them- so you're so correct...a simple thing leads to much more
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Wow, a label maker and everything? I used sharpie
. I use them to label everything (even stuff the ink doesn't really stick to, I should get masking tape...)
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omg i love my label maker!!!! I think it is one of the best inventions ever!
The pantry has been on my list of things to do for several weeks now. I just keep putting it off. Maybe now I'll get moving since I see you mamas doing it!

Now I just need some new jars and a labelmaker!
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