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Went to l&d last night

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Hi all. I went to the hospital last night. I had been contracting for the whole of yesterday, but they were all painless. They came every 8-15 minutes apart. I was getting in the shower last night before bed and all of a sudden felt like I had been hit in the back with a sledge hammer! I contracted so hard my legs went out from under me. Luckily DH was behind me. I tried putting the shower head on my back, that relieved it for a moment. I had 9 more in under an hour. I called my doc and went into the hospital. It started snowing on the way in and my contractions stopped. I said I would not have this baby if it was snowing. My other 2 were born in blizzards. I may have mentally put myself out of it. Sounds dumb, but stranger things have happened. I still went to the hospital and got put on the monitor. Baby was being onery and wouldn't move. Nurse put this loud vibrating thing on my belly and woke him up, made him mad. I was put out with her too, not the nicest nurse ever. Stayed on the monitors for 2 hours. Still had severe back pain and could not get comfy. The nurse gave me a shot for pain and sent me home. It should have made me sleepy, but made me jumpy and so sick to my tummy. I also got super hot. I am still having back pain, but nothing else. This is no fun.

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Sorry to hear about your rough time. What did they give you for pain relief? Was it Demerol? Demerol is known to make people dizzy, spaced out and sick to their stomach. I hope you feel better once it is out of your system.
Take care of yourself, I hope you get some rest today.
It was called Nubeem or something like that I think. DH would know more than I would. He paid attention to what the nurse said, I was picturing her head
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Oh, sorry to hear that mamma. Sending more birthing vibes your way to help things along
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