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So I was getting some money issues together. I needed to write a check to hold dd's spot<br>
in school for next year. I thought I needed to give them more then the paper was asking so<br>
I looked at the schools information sheet that I got ages ago and had in my file cabinet.<br>
It's then that I realized that full day Kindergarten (the grade dd is in now) is more money<br>
than first grade. I never thought about it. Pre-school got more expensive each year. Since<br>
each year were more days. Then I signed dd up for full day Kinder this year so it was more<br>
money. So I assumed that first grade would be slightly more, or the same as Kindergarten.<br><br>
SO guess how much less school is next year??????<br><br><br><br><br>
$720 less WOO HOO! That's 40% less than this year. YAY! Plus we just recently paid<br>
off a car. I feel like the stress is just melting off with this news.
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