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Were you homeschooled?

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I'm just curious as to how many homeschoolers were actually home taught.

If so, what degree of impact did that have on your decission to homeschool your own children.

And to those (if your lurking) who were home taught and have chosen not to homeschool, what degree of impact did your own home education have on your decission to not homeschool?

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No. I'm from Germany and it's illegal there.

I'm currently doing a degree with the Open University here in England, which is mostly from home. It's the first time in my life that I'm doing 'self-directed study' (I attended conventional university for 5 years before this) and I LOVE it. It's amazing. My love for learning which had all but disappeared has returned.
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I was homeschooled and that is why I homeschool my children.
I was never officially homeschooled, but I think of myself as being unofficially homeschooled. My parents, especially my dad, taught me a lot when I was little, mostly about history and literature--much more interesting than the drivel I got in school! I also self-educated myself on a lot of subjects and I still do.

Rick Santorum (with whom I disagree on about 99% of issues) said about homeschooling "all parents homeschool, some of them just supplement with school." I agree with that, especially in the case of my family.
I was homeschooled on and off from age 12-18. I loved it and learned the most when homeschooled. BIG impact on why we homeschool our kids.
I was homeschooled till my junior and senior year when my parents sent me to private school to round off my education.

We will hs our kids because we believe its best for our kids. I dont want somebody else teaching our kids their morals and standards

i was for a couple early years, my ex through 6-12 grades. homeschooling was a foregone conclusion. my wonderful dh has watched my kids grow through hs'ing for the last 7 years, and now is on board 100% for our baby!

I was homeschooled (unschooled) from about the 6th grade on and I loved it--it was the first time in my life that I felt my eyes were opened to the real world basically. And it plays a huge factor in me hs'ing my girls. My girls both love it as well, we have a lot of fun (well except this week we have been sick and housebound which is no
No I wasn't....BUT
After I'd been hs'ing my kids for about three years , my mom said "Had we known about homeschooling , we would've hs'ed you. I think you would've thrived in that situation."

Made me feel warm and fuzzy.
I am impressed. Honestly, I have never met another adult outside my own community who was homeschooled.
I am a homeschool grad and I feel it has made a difference on my outlook.
I wasn't homeschooled, but my little brother was, and my cousins were, and I was MAD with jealousy (little bro is nine years younger, and I had already graduated by the time mom started with him). My experience in public school only sealed the deal for me.. I was miserable socially, not academically. Academically I was just disappointed. I am astounded at least monthly if not weekly at historical subjects and events I never even heard about in school! I mean, COME ON.. I want my children to actually know enough to not be shocked all the time like I am at what I *don't* know!

Either way, I was about 10 when my cousins left ps and started hs. I decided then that I would homeschool my own. My mom was just too afraid to homeschool us. She wishes she homeschooled me and the other two sibs. At least I have her support in that, if not my anti-vax and homebirth choices!

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I only homeschooled my junior and senior years of high school, I wish I had started it much earlier! I loved it...I went to a private school and a public school (for two months) previous to homeschooling. The private school was more into being superficial then actually teaching anything challenging and useful. The public school was a joke...sometimes teachers didn't even show up for class. It made me hate learning in that setting, and I don't want our son to hate learning at all.
I wasn't homeschooled, but I had friends who were, and that definitely influenced my decision.
Hey - I started a thread on this too! We had a few more respondents who explained why personal experiences homeschooling had led them not to homeschool, and why. Those who were unhappy talked about being too sheltered or feeling isolated or feeling academically behind. Those who were happiest talked about how their parents made efforts to get the kids out and among other kids, and provided lots of great opportunities.

My answer briefly: My younger HSing years was rotten inside and out due to lack of social opportunity and too much sheltering. But it doesn't mean that my child's experiences would rotten, or anyone else's. It would mean that I would make sure she had plenty of unstructured, unchaperoned playdates with others and learned social skills from a wide variety of friends.
Kind of....I went to public school up until 5th grade and private school through 10th. I homeschooled myself for 11th and 12th.
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