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Were your first PP periods irregular? For how long? Details, please.

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I am so nervous. I keep taking pg tests. I have been stocking up at the dollar store.

16 mos. pp I finally had my first PP period. It ended 35 days ago. I took 2 pg tests, both negative, Wednesday night.

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Yep. I think it's pretty uncommon for them to be regular right off the bat, especially if you're nursing and/or not ovulating consistently yet.

For me, personally, I've had 4 PP AF's, but only one was ovulatory. I never went less than 60 days in between them, though. Last cycle was my first ovulatory one but this cycle I'm on CD 67 and still no O yet.
I haven't gotten my ppaf yet, but I've been reading "Natural Child Spacing" by Sheila Kippley and she talks about a woman who got her period back, but then didn't get it for 3 months when she started cosleeping while her husband was out of town, then it came back as soon as they stopped cosleeping. I think they mentioned that the baby was nursing at night while cosleeping.

This isn't to say that you are doing anything differently, but I think it shows that your ppaf can be very irregular, especially if you're nursing.
Thanks for the replies! I think my 3yo dd may have decreased nursing around the same time as ppaf... SHe has certainly picked up lately! Maybe this is what is going on.
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