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Wet Bags Question..

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I need some new wet bags - diaper pail liner and also one to take with me in the diaper bag (large enough for two kids worth of dipes on the road lol) question is - what are your favorite wet bags? For the pail liner I'm not too picky, but for the one to take along with me on outings, I'd prefer a zippered bag (I seem to have better luck with zippers and odor control than I do with drawstrings - but if you know of another option, by all means do tell!!
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I second the happy tushies wet bag for the diaper bag and/or outings, but for the pail liner for travel, I suggest going to your local walmart's camping section (target or kmart probably have them too) and getting a dirty bag for camping, it is nylon and drawstring and cheap (like under $4) ~
If you are looking for other options besides Happy Tushies, you can also get them at
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I'm a Happy Tushies fan here myself. She recently changed her design so that the zippered inner PUL bag snaps into an outer fabric bag. This design means there is no wicking at all, and you can buy extra PUL bags for those times when you don't get to the laundry right away.
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