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Wet diapers

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My friends who went out of their way to have thier son cut and not be there when it was done were at my house on Saturday. Their son gets terribly fussy when his diaper is even the slightest bit wet. (So they changed it twice and I had to leave the room so I didn't get sick on them.) I realized that my DS doesn't get too upset if his diaper is wet. I obviously don't try to keep him sitting in his urine, but it's not like he screams. So I was wondering, is it common for cut boys to be extra sensitive (since they had an open wound in their diaper and perhaps associate pee with pain) and for intact boys not to be as sensitive?
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Yes, it's common but no one knows how common. You see, the glans and mucosal skin is not fully developed at birth. The way it was designed by nature, it was supposed to keep developing for another 2 to 8 years but circumcision stops that development. It's like if a doctor cut you open and pulled one of your internal organs outside your body and sewed you up with that organ sticking out. It would be extremely sensitive.

Some boys who are late retractors say that even air getting to the glans burns and stings at first so you can imagine what it feels like for a child whose development has been halted in mid stream to have salty and acidic urine on that area.

I know one mother who says her 3 1/2 year old is very sensitive about any touching of that area and is very protective of it. His younger intact brother has no particular sensitivity at all.

Awww, that poor baby!

My son never ever acted like he was in pain from a diaper/change. He is intact of course.
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I'm new to this forum, but I think you just explained to me why my MIL was *always* asking me if my (intact) ds had a wet diaper if he was the least bit fussy as a baby. My ds would sit all day in a wet, poopy diaper if I would let him and never care, but my dh was circumcised (inexpertly, and has a huge scar and not much feeling in his glans and is still pissed about it 41 years later and rightfully so
), so I guess that could be why MIL was fixated on the dry diaper thing...
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