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We've got a new bum to diaper!!!!

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Dh and I just got a foster son - he's around 4-5 months!

Sooooooo, that means a new bum to diaper. I have a fairly large stash for ds but this baby is bigger. Surprisingly he fits on the very last snaps of our FCB size 1 diapers. The thighs are a little tight though.
He's got yummy chunky thighs!!! I'll have to try some of my other diapers. I sold off a lot of what didn't work for us and a bunch of fitteds as dh prefers AIOs (he is the stay-at-home parent so it's his call, :LOL). Anyhoot, I will slowly (because I don't have the money to do it all at once) increase my "larger diapers" stash.

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YAY! Congrats! ENjoy diapering that bum! ARe you on the fairy list??? If not get yourself there!
Wow! Congratulations, Nada
How lucky for that babe to be in cloth while he is with you.
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That's wonderful! My parents do foster care (they have 2 right now) so I know how difficult it can be. Good for you!

BTW, I absolutely can't wait to get my soaker from you (the citrus breeze one). It looks so beautifully made!
Congrats! And kudos to you for foster parenting! We found out about this pg the DAY before we were due to get licensed!!! So we hope to someday foster, but for now we can't....

Oh Nada! That is so wonderful! I am so glad that little sweet pea is in your home for awhile.
And cloth on his bottom to boot...Congratulations!
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Congratulations and god bless you for giving so much of yourself to be a foster parent. The world needs more special people like you
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What a lucky little boy!
How lucky for you too! Have fun diapering a new bum!
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WOW... you are super mom!!

What a special job you have!

I must admit I am a tad envious. DH and I have talked about fostering and/or adoption. But we don't see eye to eye. I want to adopt. He just wants to have them the 'ole fashion way.

*sigh* maybe someday.....


PS. Give that baby a big hug for me!!
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Wow! I'm so jealous, Nada!
That is one lucky little boy. How long will you have him? DH and I are going to adopt...hopefully sooner than later! Best of luck and give him a big
from me!
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WOW~ Congrats on both of the exciting news items
A babe and a bum, how fun for you!! How much fun that will be for you all...
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Congrats!! What a lucky little boy to have you fostering him and putting cloth on his bum
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Awwwwwww, you guys are all so wonderful!!!

I think WE are the blessed ones, he's such a wonderful baby.

Holli - How wonderful for you to be getting such a blessing!!!

DH is soooooo excited! I tested him, I asked him if he wanted to use sposies (after he mentioned that he's going to have to do diaper laundry every day now) and he says NO WAY!
I'm so proud of him - he's such a cool CD'ing dad!!! :LOL

BTW, side note: this baby was/is breastfed... He is having a very hard time taking a bottle and when I was flustered trying to settle him, chasing my naked Brandan after bath time and helping my cat deliver kittens (she had 4!) I inadvertently lifted my shirt and he latched on!!! I won't be able to nurse him though because the CAS doesn't recommend it as he's most likely going to be adopted and that transition would be too difficult for him.

Nada, all in all, a lucky woman
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me and my dh dont' see eye to eye either on this. i would love to do foster care and think I should but dh worries about our kids getting attached and them leaving. So here we sit. You are truly doing a wonderful thing for that child. I would probably nurse him anyway.
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