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What a bad mommy!!!

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So we are at gymnastics tonight, dd2 is using the 'big' equipent with the teacher (the only part of class w/o the parents) when she tells the teacher "gotta go potty". This is just at the time daddy arives, but is still walking toward me and ds. so fearing the worst, I set ds down on the nearist chair (like 10 feet from aproaching daddy) and head for the stairs (knowing daddy saw what was happening) and dd2 to hustle her to the potty. I had to pass the other mommys waiting and they all gasped with shock that I would leave ds laying on a chair like that!! They thought I was just going to leave him laying there like that
. It was funny, but embarrsing as well. What kind of a mother would leave a kid like that; any of them would have taken him for me. I feel kind of silly now. What they must have thought!!!!!!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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