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What about First Years All-in-one?

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I am investigating convertible carseats right now.

I am leaning towards the True fit over the Britax because of price.

I was at Wal-mart today and saw the First Years All-in-one. It rear faces to 35 pounds also. Anyone have any experience with this seat?

For the Britax, if I were to get the Blvd over the True Fit, what would I be getting for the money? tethering...what else? The true fit looks more comfortable, more bucket like.

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First Years does not make an All in One seat. Dorel does, and it's marketed under Cosco, Safety 1st, and Eddie Bauer labels. It's a great rearfacing seat, a barely adequate convertible because it's almost always outgrown by height long before a child is ready for a booster (the 50# seats are better!), and a lousy booster.
Yep, the 2009 Dorel 3-in-1 seats are much improved over the old ones and have high harness slots.
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