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what about plantains?

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so our gal is just starting her adventure with flavor.her first real flavor was avacado which she really husband and i were thinking about getting her some plantains.we like the idea of feeding her food we both like so we can all eat together.i was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a reason not to try plantains?i can't think of one but maybe there's something i haven't thought of?

thanks for any input.
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they're the little banana-looking things, right? lol sorry....
I can't think of a reason not to try them.

and for when your baby is a little older maybe, mine loves mashed avocado on toast......which started because well, toast he could feed himself, but I didn't want to put jelly on it, too much sugar. No butter, he's allergic to milk....not supposed to do PB for anybody under 2. So avocado it was......and he LOVES it! Which is more than I can say for MYSELF
(homemade guacamole, a cali roll, itself.....not in a million years.)
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If you DC likes banana, she will probably like plantains. It's just a different species of banana- make sure it is very well cooked esp. if it is green, or it might be hard to digest.
thanks for the toast idea.i would have never thought of that.i tried to give her some chunks of avacado but that just became a squishy game which was fun but.....
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