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What about Stacianators

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I have a wool stacianator for Scott, but i'm a little afraid to try it overnight, has anyone had success using this at night? What fitted do you use with it? or do you just use a prefold? one more question should I size up we have the Large and it seems a little snug on his little fat legs, but is loose in the waist.
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I used some with my oldest, but we used contours in them. They fit really well in there! Anyway, we used them at night just fine, but then we also got up at least once to nurse and change.
I love my wool stacinator for nighttime diapering! It works wonders for me! I've used it with fireflies(for night time) and luke's drawers one-size(for naps) and never any leaks. My dd is a heavy wetter! SO for night time, we use the stacinator with the firefly or a fuzzibunz or Luke's good night kisses. I haven't tried any of the new wahm's in months though....
We use a Stacinator with a toddler prefold for my 3 y.o. at night and it's the only thing that gets us through the night!
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