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What advice do you have for my DH?

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We've decided I'm going to work and he's going to stay home. I love DS to death, don't get me wrong, but I think I'm going to lose my mind if I'm a sahm much longer. I just don't have the patience for it.

I think he might have a bit of a rough adjustment. He's never stayed alone with Adrian for more than an hour or so at a time. I'm worried that he'll have trouble when he realized that it's hard to get a break to eat, pee, or just for 10 minutes to refocus. I tell him mentally, it's hard work. You don't get a mental break since you have to be on your toes with a toddler. Especially our toddler, who takes his diaper off and poops on the floor, throws things in the toilet and flushes, destroys a room in under 2 minutes, and can undo all the child-proofing in the house.

So far, this is what I've told him:

1) You have to leave the bathroom door open so you can supervise Adrian while you do what you need to do, so get used to having a toddler watch you while you poop and try to help you wipe.

2) Don't feed Adrian junk food all day. It has to actually resemble food in order to sustain him.

3) Put him in the playpen when he makes a big poopy mess so he's not smearing it while you're trying to clean it up.

4) A happy child is more important than a tidy house.

What would you tell him?
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Honestly...nothing. I would let him figure it out on his own...and here is why...

Ever since a month before ds was born, I have worked weekends as a nurse. So, dh stays home with both dc on the weekends...and has done that their whole lives.

When I first went back to work after having both kids, I tried to share words of wisdom...aka my way of doing things. He hardly ever took my advice and I was starting to get frustrated. However, I finally realized that dh was figuring things out on his own...and doing things his own way. To this day, my children get a different schedule and way of doing things during the week and on weekends. And they LOVE it! They have bonded with my dh in a special way...and dh does a better job because he figured it out on his own. I figured things out eventually and so did he.

Anyway, that is just me opinion. Good luck on your new job! And good luck to your dh also!
I agree with Pycelan, let him figure it out on his own. Both he and your DS will enjoy it more that way.
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