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DD is almost 27 months. She has had a dollhouse for a long time now, but she's only now really starting to get excited about it. There are quite a few good quality "beginner" dollhouses with larger pieces and simpler furniture, to make them safe and easy for young ones, but it still takes a lot of fine motor skill to manipulate the dolls and the furniture. She needs help to play with it; that's something we do together.

She got a play kitchen for her 2nd birthday and took to it immediately. It and all the accompanying dishes and pots and stuff are her favorite thing to play with. She plays with it by the hour, feeding all her stuffed animals and making culinary masterpieces for anyone who will sit down and pretend to eat with her. You do have to watch the height, though. My DD is very tall for her age, and even so some of the kitchens we considered were a little too high for her to play with comfortably.
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