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I have an Ergo (love it) but whenever I am putting babe in it while we are in the public, like getting out of the car, etc. People offer to help me???

Like, ooooo do you need help? Like I am going to drop him. He is 21# and does not always cooperate but I have not dropped him or anything. I guess maybe I struggle a little but it is usually because he is being a stiffy. He likes to go straight and stiff........

Anyways, I think I must look like a spazz or something?!?!?!

We do back carry only...... any tips for a smoother install would be great.

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I think it's just because people don't see that too often, so they really do think you're going to drop him, LOL. People ask me that all the time when I put DD1 on my back--either with a wrap or a MT. I've even had people grab the straps for me, which makes it worse because then I don't know where they are!

This is how I get DD1 on my back in the MT--I haven't tried an Ergo, so if it's nothing like this, then just nevermind.

Tie waist straps on
Put DD on my right hip
Hold her bottom with my left hand and kind of lean to the left
Move right arm so that it's between me and DD
Move right arm around DD to support her bottom
Move left arm around my back to grab her left leg
Lean forward and jump/hop her around to my back
Hold her bottom with my right hand
Use left hand to grab left strap and bring up over my left shoulder (fabric will cover your right hand as you do this)
Hold bottom with left hand (fabric is between your hand and DC's bottom)
Grab right strap with right hand and bring over right shoulder
While still holding bottom with left hand, grab both straps with right hand and pull taught
Bring left hand around to grab left strap
Jump and pull until tight, then tie however you want

Hope that helps!
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