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Within the past few days he has learned how to get in and out of the tub by himself. The first time I realized he could do this, he sneaked out of the tub, grabbed my purse off the counter, jumped back into the tub, and submerged my purse. My checkbook, pictures, money, cosmetics...everything soaked. Also this week he has refused to keep clothes on and has started peeing in the heat vents. Last week he pulled the plastic sink drain stopper out of the bathroom sink and flushed it down the toilet while I was a few feet away talking on the phone. Often when I try to stop him with my hand by pulling him away from something, even if I'm barely even touching him, he yells "Stop hurting me!" It's not that funny when you're in the middle of the store. He absolutely delights in these behaviors and I just don't know what to do! When DH comes home from work I am pissed off, which puts DH in a bad mood. This is a horrible cycle!

I laughed because I can totally relate. We are going through the "terrible twos" too. Today, Kai decided to paint the bathroom door with cream cheese, he threw food across the room, dumped a cup of water all over the table, and found a pool of muddy water to sit in. I have been reading parenting books since I was a teenager, but I still feel overwhelmed much of the time. I think kids at this stage need lots of active play. This week has been challenging, because I am trying to get a paper finished.
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