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another book that is WONDERFUL is "without Spanking or Spoiling" i'll have to get back with the author. It may be hard to find; written in the 70's. BUT GREAT.

I feel your pain to a small degree..... mainly cause my 17mo. is likely to head in that direction.

But maybe he is just wanting your attention. Think about it... you are commited to being gentle with your son, so every time he does something you are *likely* to look him in the eyes and talk to him about it. This is great one on one to him. So, maybe, as a pre-emptive strike -before he even gets to that point offer to do a puzzle with him, or read, or cuddle. Give him a good 15 min. of "its all about you" time.

I have found this to really help with my 3 yo.

**kudos on park time not being a reward... it is a ticket to freedom!
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