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What am I looking for?

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I have an OTSBH and it's okay, but so poofy!

I had an unpadded pouch that I sold because Sydney hated it. I'm sure it was because it dug into her legs, leaving red marks.

So, what can I get that isn't too bulky, but won't leave deep red marks on her legs? I'm pregnant right now and would like to be able to continue to sling her until the baby arrives in October. Then, I'd like to be able to use it for him, too.

Any suggestions?
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I was also going to suggest a Hotsling with the leg padding.
Maybe try a Mei Tai, for your older baby. Check out

Kelly is preggo in the pics on how to wear it. It wouldn't be suitable for a newborn, but perfect for your older child,.
Do you think I could use the Hotsling while pg? Also, is the leg padding really enough to keep the edges from digging into her legs? Thanks!
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Just bumping to get my question answered!
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I don't know about being pg with a hotlsing (but it seems that it would be fine until you got really big) bu I have a 25 lb 21 month old that I wear in a padded Hotsling all the time. Her legs are fine. She gets the occasional red mark but it never seems to bother her.

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Jumping in here as a preggo to say that with the amount of weight gain I have experienced has made it impossible for me to wear my usual size pouch. I usually like a 26 or 27 inch pouch, and not I must wear a 28 inch pouch at 37 weeks pregnant, and it's been this way for a while...I recommend adjustability for pregnancy.
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