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OK, you're 34 weeks pregnant in Southern Minnesota, BUT one thing that REALLY helps my daughter settle down for a nap is, brace yourself, getting OUTSIDE in the morning.

Morning light helps set the body's biological clock. Running around outside burns off energy so she's tired enough to sleep and is more interesting than being inside!!

Can you put him in a stroller and walk him somewhere to play? Can you just get out in the yard for a bit? It hasn't snowed (much) yet according to my parents in MN, so while it's cold, a little cold never hurt anyone. When it snows, playing in the snow is actually really fun and burns up a TON of energy.

My only other suggestion would be to put a CD on that you really like (make sure you REALLY like it) and say "it's quiet time" we need to stay on the bed and be quiet until the music is done. Then give him books he can read. When he starts to run around, gently help him sit down and give him a book. You can't make him sleep, but you CAN enforce a quiet time. Then be really, REALLY boring yourself. No words, no nothing while you help him sit down. Just "it's quiet time".

I find the 'not napping but really needs to' periods to be very frustrating. I think my low point as a parent was when I yelled at ds after an hour or so of trying to get him to sleep in his crib "GO TO SLEEP!!" Of course, as soon as I yelled it, I realized how stupid it sounded. But at the time, I was exhausted, frustrated and needed a nap myself!

As for touching everything. It's time to toddler proof. Prevention really is your friend here. You MAY need to put a lot of things away/in storage/behind locked doors until he's through this period. Either that, or help him explore them safely.
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