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I'm studying for my Bachelor's right now, after which I'm hoping to attend OSU's grad-entry MSN nurse-midwifery program. I had been hoping to be a CPM, but that didn't work out. Now I'm wondering about the kinds of restrictions I'll be facing as a CNM. I'm hoping to practice in OH, KY, and/or WV. I'll likely work in a hospital for at least a few years, and I'm eventually hoping to open my own birth center and natural family living shop. If there are any CNMs out there, if you could answer the following questions as to what your practice is like, it would really help me out. Thanks!

1. What kind of birth environment do you practice in the most? (birth center, hospital, home)
2. What kind of "higher-risk" clients are you allowed to take? (breech, VBAC, twins, etc) Do you have to get an OB's approval before taking them?
3. If you disagreed with one of your hospital's policies (like a VBAC ban or handing out formula samples to BFing moms), how would you go about trying to get that changed?
4. Do CNMs in your practice ever do circs? Have you ever felt pressured to assist with or become qualified to perform circs?

That's all I can think of right now. Any other info you think might help would be much appreciated!
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