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Hello Mamas,

Our team at Pluscenta would like to make an introduction to all the members at mothering!

As you may have already known, Placenta pills has become one of the buzziest post-baby trends catching on among new mums in celeb land. We see first-hand the growing in popularity among other new mums, too.

We are a modern lab-based placenta encapsulation service in NYC. Our lab uses the highest medical grade technology to turn your placenta into pills. Let’s face it, it’s 2022, no one should be grinding up placentas in their kitchen. We believe in the incredible nourishing effects of placenta pills, and the long-lasting benefits they have on your postpartum recovery:

✓ Promotes lactation after birth
✓ Increases overall milk supply
✓ Helps prevent postpartum depression
✓ Relieves vaginal pain & bleeding
✓ Unlocks new sources of energy
✓ Stimulates uterus return to original state

Read our latest reviews here

Rectangle Wood Packaging and labeling Shipping box Carton
Bottle Liquid Solution Fluid Bottle cap

Now you can have your placenta pills within 24- 48 hours after your delivery!

✓ Seamless delivery and handling
✓ Prepaid UPS shipping USA
✓ 24/7 live mama support​

Questions? Ask us directly here, or visit our official website and Instagram account @Pluscenta

Thank you,

Pluscenta Care
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