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I haven't found the perfect pad yet, but here are some pros and cons of what I've tried.

+ small, discrete
- small, not always optimum coverage (I leak around the edges)
+ with a single insert I've never leaked through and you can use more inserts if necessary.
- stiff fabric, not really uncomfortable, but pales in comparison to the other brands I've tried.
+ big name, readily available (I actually picked mine up at a grocery store)
+ good airflow
+ haven't stained
- dyes fading strangely (like bleach tie-dye, but I don't use bleach)

These are my favorite for spotting, they're trim enough I feel comfortable wearing them out and about.

+ large, no worries about leaks through or around
- large, bulky not for wearing under stretch pants or leotards.
+ soft comfy flannel
+ dark colors and prints would hide stains well
+ haven't stained mine yet
+ most absorbent pads in my stash

+ fleece top definitely wicks away moisture
+ large, thin waterproof layer gives thorough protection
- large, thin waterproof layer traps in heat
- terry has stained
+ parts visible when snapped together and in use have not stained
+ excellent coverage to bulk ratio

I can't help you with laundering advice I'm still fussing with my system to find right. I recommend buying 1-3 of a type that interests you and if you love that type buy more, if you don't love them buy 1-3 of a different type. Repeat as necessary.

Good luck!
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