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If you have it with one, you are more likely to have it again. Not fair, but true.

The benefit is that now you know what to look for and will be able to get help much sooner. SSRI's are considered safe and compatible with breastfeeding (I will likely be doing both by next March.
) Adding the second child can be hard and you will need to be healthy for yourself and your children. Motherkins, I wouldn't feel bad about preparing yourself and seeing a pdoc beforehand. I am continuing to see my pdoc even though I am off my meds for the pregnancy. It gives me a chance to ask questions, let him know how I'm doing and it makes me feel good that he is there to help keep me honest with myself if I start to slide and go into denial. I really want to stay off the meds through this pregnancy, but I have told him that I will use him as a baromoter (sp?) and if he feels that I need the meds again, I will trust his judgement. I feel very comfortable being honest with him concerning what I'm really feeling because he has seen me at my absolute worst and knows what depression really is and doesn't judge me, he just treats and supports me.

Be honest with yourself about what you are feeling, IOF. Take care of yourself.
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