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What are the cues your LO gives?

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We've been ECing part time with DS (6.5 months) for a few months. He is just sitting up now so we are moving into full time. We've been doing it on timing (after naps, car rides), mostly because he has NEVER given me any kind of a sign. What do you look for? Thanks!
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We have been doing the same but for poos our daughter will stop feeding, or start/stop, not really suck and do a fart or two.

For wees it is a bit harder. we usually catch them on timing, but a look towards me and a little grizzle is a sign for us.
I have EC'd a couple kids and here are some of the signs I have seen around that age:

-A sudden stop in what they are looking at and looking up at me with a 'something is happening' look

-A sudden faraway look in their eyes like they are concentrating on something

-Especially in a sling--a calmness that is suddenly interrupted by squirming and seeming uncomfortableness

-Sudden crying or 'complaining' while in a car seat

-Of course, gassiness!

-Red face and/or pushing

-If diaper free and a boy, a wee wee 'at attention' ! Also, the 'pouch' contracting

-Sometimes they can start to sign at the age too if I remember correctly. Some type of simplified 'potty' sign language sign

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