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What are the odds? Need an answer please!!

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First a cycle background (for this month anyway) - I began my cycle on July 20th (or 21 but I'm almost sure it was the 20th) and had EWCM on either Mon/Tues or Tues/Wed (I think it was Tues/Wed) and dh and I dtd on friday 8/04. I am not TTC but we didn't take any prevention measures either. What are the chances of pregnacy? I am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out. I have not charted or taken a temp.
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For me, it would mean I was pregnant. Don't know if this is answer you want, but it's a sure thing for me.
Hmmm.... well, I keep have the menstral like cramping that isn't due for another week or so and some lower backache. However, I wonder if it isn't my mind playing tricks on me. I am for whatever happens. It is weird because right now I'm not sure I am ready for #2 because I am STILL in college and I will get my degree and it is hard being in college and pregnant and also having to do school work and care for a baby BUT, I think I would be disappointed to see a bfn. I think I am weird because I am going to be either disappointed or scared of how to get through the next 1-1/2yrs with 2 little ones.

In other words I am confused!!!!
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If you aren't and you need a good form of BC, without hormones, I love my diaphragm. It's worked so far for us!

If you are, you can do it! I finished my degree with a child, and my husband is finishing his masters with FOUR children!
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A "normal" couple can expect a 20% chance of pregnancy per cycle of well-timed intercourse. Some get pregnant REALLY easy so the chances are higher, but some have more trouble, so the chances are lower.

I hope you get the outcome that is more favorable to you, whether it's a pregnancy or not.
Thanks for your replies!!! With my son when we decided we were ready for children I had already ovulated that cycle... the next cycle, I got pregnant. I don't know if we timed it perfectly, or can concieve easily but it didn't take us long at all. I guess, I'll just be waiting and pondering. I know I need a good form of BC but ......

I'm sure the outcome will be whatever is meant to be for us
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