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what are the odds?

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Okay I had a long explanatory post written out, unlocked my popup blocker to use a smilie from the 'more smilies' list, and lost it. So here's the cliff's notes...

Viper got snipped on 10 March. Obviously, since it's not even been a full 4 weeks now, he hasn't had his 8 week sperm check, let alone his 16 week 'all clear' check. Saturday night, we were *having some time* and he got close, not *in* but super close to being so. Sunday morning we got up and I checked the calendar to see what bills I needed to write checks for. Staring back at me from the wall calander {desk blotter hung on kitchen wall cause I can't write small enough for a real wall calander} is a word that struck fear into my heart "ovulation" I know I sound paranoid, but I can count on one hand the number of times we've had unprotected, non-already-pregnant sex. that's counting our first go round in 1994-1995, and since he got home in August of 2004. and out of those five times, I got pg 4x. :shock
So we're a bit.... fertile.... and I don't know if it was the weird weather/atmospheric pressure stuff going on this week or my mind playing tricks on me or what, but I got dizzy as heck at work today, and I've had the weirdest heartburn type feeling ever all day. I say heartburn type because I only get heartburn when pg. And I'm praying I'm not pg. As much as we'd LOVE another baby, I've been advised not to at risk of my own health. Which is why he got snipped...

So anyways, not counting my unGodly fertility, just the basic facts, what are the odds we did create a :bfp? How about WITH my fertility? and what is the soonest one can test nowadays, and with what brand?
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Actually, there's a pretty decent chance - a surprisingly large number of couples get pregnant after a vasectomy. If he didn't ejaculate inside you (or right outside), then the chance is pretty darn small, but still there. (Withdrawal is, contrary to popular belief, a fairly effective method of birth control.)

Do you chart?

I wouldn't bother testing before you expect your flow, unless you know you'd consider terminating. Otherwise, it's about 7 days from O to implantation, and another, what, 3-10+ days until HcG is detectable in urine by modern POASes?

Good luck!
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My DH got a V is September and even though he had a free sperm result I am almost certain that I am PG. I have to wait this week to see if I get AF or not.
My own personal guess would be that pg is highly unlikely, both due to the vas AND because he wasn't even IN all up 'n cozy with your cervix. Soo many folks use withdrawl as a form of BC. I totally understand your worry, I'm uber fertile too & have had many scares too! I'd start testing at 12 days past the possible date of conception.
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