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What are the pro's of using wool?

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What are the pro's of using a wool cover as opposed to a PUL one? Thanks!
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Well, I love wool covers because we rarely have leaks, even overnight.
They also don't take alot of effort as some think. You use them and air them out and they are ready to go again. Thet don't get stinky like PUL can and you don't have to wash them as often

Just my 2 cents
to wool



keeps ds cool

never is stinky unless needs to be washed which isn't often

easy to care for



no heat nor fermented potty rashes

no harsh amonia smell due to fermenting potty

no leaks

doesn't hold onto smells after airing out or washing unlike synthetic which hold potty smells something awful.

can make diaper cover pants out of and not need a seperate cover in the cooler months with the pants...pul would not make good pants.

I'm sure I can come up with some more, but i'll leave it to someone else
can you tell I
my wool?!

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I believe it has all been said: breathable, cute, easy, wash less often, natural, soft
What they said! My main points are that it breathes, and overnight when the diaper has had it's fillt he cover will step in and absorb the rest and save our sheets!
Yep - breathablilty, softness, no crinkly PUL noises! Plus I had a problem with red marks from PUL - no red marks with wool. It just seems way more comfortable.
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