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this is what i have researched on but dont have all the links and direct info on. a lot of the info comes from a friend who is a special ed teacher. when assessing learning disabilities in thier students one of the common things they found was many of them skipped the crawling stage all together. that does not mean ALL children who did not crawl (and as ChristaN the definition differs from parent to parent) had learning disabilities. but it was a common occurrence amongst children with learning disab.

i really have no research to back me up but i find my dd who back crawled for 2 months and then crawled for 7 months - might have really good coordination because of so much time spent crawling. i have no scientific reason to back me up - just gut feeling. she has great balance, really good coordination and can do a lot of things much before other kids her age can. and she doesnt seem to need practise to do something. in many things though she has been late. late walker, late riding tricycle, late sitting on the spring horse. that is her personal learning style. she doesnt spend time practising. instead she just sits and goes. she started walking and running with no falling or no drunken sailor walk right from day one. she didnt practise on a tricycle but just one day took off pedaling round the block. yet she throws, catches, kicks accurately much before others her age. she almost started jumping with both feet off the ground when she started walking. she pulled herself to stand up before she started front crawling. she can jump rope slowly and she is not even 3. once in a while she will draw something absolutely accurately as if i did it. like a capital P with eyes, nose lips, ears and hair (see mama its a P with a face). she doesnt like drawing and most of the times its lines circles sometimes shapes and squiggles but once in a while she draws v. accurate pictures. she could cut with scissors at 2. use needle and thread to stictch at 2. dont know if my theory is accurate but i have noted that.
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