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School Moves for learning... that lady goes into schools and teaches kids the simple patterns that babies are supposed to go through (like cross-crawl, etc...) When school kids start doing the simple exercises, they do much better in school.

The site might have more info. She sells a booklet and some materials. I took her weekend workshop in December, own the stuff and need to start doing it for DS. He doesn't have "learning issues" (other than some emotional stuff) (he skipped crawling and I didn't push tummy time) but I think it can help him "center" himself. I saw to it that DD got a lot of tummy time and she LOVES to crawl.

Foundation for Learning is Laid in Infancy

Brain Dance for Babies

Babies need to be on their tummies in order to go through the fundamental patterns that wire the brain and lay the foundation for reading, writing, socialization, and healthy behavior. When a baby is prevented through illness or through social or environmental obstacles from moving through these patterns, she may later encounter problems in school with learning and behavior, no matter how intelligent she may be. Missed or disorganized developmental stages can create barriers that make learning difficult. The good news is that movement activities that take children back through these missed stages and fundamental patterns can often correct flaws in their perceptual processes and enhance learning.
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