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What are the three most stalked soakers right now?

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If I had to guess, I'd say RB, MM and that order. But, I am not wise to the soaker world. Is there a new up and coming mama that is gonna have her site shut down next time she stocks like Maria at Kiwi Pie? What do you all think-what are the three most popular ones right now?
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1. KSS
2. MM
3. RB

Took out Kiwi Pie, I'm stoopid and didn't see "soaker".. DOH! I was thinking any wool!
I wonder when LTK will be back in stocking action?
Purely based on the talk around here I would say MM is absolutely the most popular.

Good thing BJM has knitters and lots of stuff on ebay -- I think she is going to be overrun with orders soon!
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I'd say

1. MM- for it's gorgeous soakers- still resonably priced
2. KSS- for it's awesome embelishments. Don't get me wrong soaker are very pretty too
3. RB- great soakers, but getting a bit pricey IMO (please don't flame me)
Well my big one is BaaBaaBottoms.

I have 2 KSS, 2 MM, 5 RB Wooly Pullies, and 11 BBB. Yep. BBB.
3. RB- great soakers, but getting a bit pricey IMO (please don't flame me)
I hear ya! They are sooo nice, and well worth the praise and price, I am sure, but if I paid that much for one, I don't think I'd let my little pooper wear it, LOL.
I am sick with envy(really, not really, j/k), over those lucky mamas that ordered them before they hit it big! WOW!
I tell Joe how much MM and Rb go for, especially on ebay, and he shakes his head and tells me the ladies bidding are suffering from the same diaper addiction I suffer from. Actually, he calls it a fetish to get under my skin, LOL.
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I'd say MM and KSS about the same and then RB and BBB. There are SO many nice soakers out there though on Ebay that are pretty darn beautiful, that I wonder how long people will continue to stalk the harder to get ones. Personally, now that I knit, I don't care anymore, although I love to look at them and ooh and aah, I wouldn't even consider buying one.

Just FYI, I taught myself to knit about 2 mo. ago from a book - Knitting for Dummies. Took me a few weeks to learn enough to knit a soaker. But I did, and I swear, the last one is something I'd spend a lot for. The hard thing about soakers is I truly think they are worth a LOT of $. More than I wanna pay for one. It takes me probably 20 hours to knit one so they are worth a lot more than the $30-$40 people are charging!
Yup, after teaching myself to knit - I can truly appreciate what a WAHM charges
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