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What are the vax laws in PA?

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So far have not given DS any vax. It's a long way off but am I gonna have to vax him before he goes to preschool or can I sign some waiver? We're planning to send him to a private school if that accounts for anything. And will I have to hire an attorney to draw up the waiver?
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PA has a religious exemption (which can be whatever, you do not need to explain yourself or be part of an organized religion). There is no specific exemption form. Most people just write up a letter which parrots the wording of the exemption law. I don't remember if it has to be notarized or not, but you don't need an attorney. I have no idea how private schools work, though. I would guess if it's an alternative school, like montessori or waldorf, they would be much more likely to work with you. Good luck!
private schools (and daycares) are obligated to accept the waiver, just like public school. the only possible exception is catholic schools-- i am not sure about this, but i have read that b/c the catholic church does not oppose vax, that they canmake their own decision about whether to honor religious exemptions or not. but i am not 100% sure on that.
Thanks guys. We haven't decided what type of school ds will enroll in first. But when he's older, there is a chance we could enroll him in a all-jewish school. Does anyone have experience with their accepting/not accepting waivers?
You can definitely opt-out of vaccinations due to religious reasons in PA. This website gives links to the official statements, as well as letters you can take to the hospital with you (to avoid vaccines & other procedures) & letters you can present to the school.
Let me know if when you copy & paste this if it doesn't work.
Good luck!
P.S. I am a guidance counselor at a public school in PA, and while we have never received any waivers, we would definitely accept one of the examples on that website that I gave you the link to.
You just may want to find out if the school you enroll your DS will want it notarized or not.
All state funded facilities in PA have to accept the waver. If it is privateliy funded, with no state funds coming in, they can do what they want, even if it is montessori or waldorf (although not likely)
i haven't had a problem with waivers at any of the private daycares my children have attended. the public school where dd is enrolled had not difficulty with our letter - and the catholic and charter schools that we looked at had no difficulty when i asked either.
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