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What are you calling "it"?

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Hey all,

Just wondering what you are calling your little babe to be. Do you use a nickname, just call it "baby" or what?

dh and I started calling ours booboo as we lived for a while in Jordan and loved it, and ppl over use the word "booboo" to mean "baby." My friend who was pregnant over there would have people affectionately ask her, "So how's the booboo?" Ever since I heard that I just knew my babe was gonna be booboo till it popped out! Oddly enough I never thought of the english meaning of "booboo" meaning like a hurt or something till recently. Oh well, booboo he is for now.

We've also just ended up calling it a "him" for now just b/c it's a bit more personal than saying "it" although in my mind's eye I picture the baby just as often as a girl as I picture it as a boy!
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I love Booboo!!!
I've been calling "IT" Her. Or little Ava which will be the name if she turns out to be a girl.
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Well...we won't know what 'it' is until 'it' is born, but my dd thinks she is having a sister...'my sister' *in her little 3yo voice!* So I just say it's her sister... am I going to explain it if s/he ends up a BOY?
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We called our first "Wags" - and this one is "Zy"... as in Zy the zygote (and, I know, we're past that stage now... it was just cute and stuck!)
my baby is named el chupacabra
: OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Dh and I are avid sci-fi/horror movie fans and el chupacabra is fab!!!
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Oddly enough, last night dh suddenly started referring to booboo as a "she". So I was like, "oh, okay, now it's she?" he's like, "Yah, 'cause I want a girl!"

So now we have booboo the he/she, depending on our mood!

Originally Posted by gen_here
We called our first "Wags" - and this one is "Zy"... as in Zy the zygote (and, I know, we're past that stage now... it was just cute and stuck!)
I remember you mentioning this name on another post and I thought it was just so cute! Now I know the background behind it!
plain old junior mostly. also 'feetie' the fetus, or squiggles when the movement started
We haven't done nicknames -- just the baby, usually. Though I like the idea of calling it "quattro", for fourth.
Lucia (pronounced Loo-cha). If it's a girl her name will be Lucy (which I'm convinced of), if it is a boy the name will be Channing. We combined the names.
baby....we are boring. I talk to our 2 year old Boxer and tell him he will have a little brother to play with (i know dorky but I am the queen of dorkiness)

DH is sure it will be a boy. We shall see. At any rate he refuses to discuss girl names so I will get to name her if she is a she.

disclaimer: DH will be happy whith either sex, he just says he "only has boys" he has two from a prev marriage and if mine is anything like them we will be very lucky.
That's really cute! We are calling ours "Bun"... as in bun in the Congrats and great luck!!
we don't have one yet but I'm liking punkin
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Mostly "baby" - it makes the most sense for DD. Sometimes Cletus, as in Cletus the Fetus. Occasionally, with my previous pregnancy and this one, it is the "life sucking parasite of DOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM." DH came up with that one, for bad puking days.
I've never had a name for a baby in utero--we just called it "the baby." (How original!)

However, my 15 y/o has taken to calling the baby "Bernard."

I have no idea why. When the other two heard him, they fell to the floor, in a fit of laughter, so I've a feeling that "Bernard" it is. (But only until November!)
DD wants to name the baby "truck". We said no to that but we refer to my tummy as "truck". She seems to be satisfied for now. Although sometimes she wakes me up in the middle of the night and whispers name suggestions in my ear.
since we're pretty sure I'll deliver in october, Dh thought it fitting to start calling this babe "pumpkin"
I have to admit I've avoided developing a nickname for this baby. With DD1, it was just "baby". With DD2, we called her "the blob" (after our first early ultrasound, DH said "it looks like we're having a blob, and it just stuck). Since I'm so worried about this pregnancy, based on my past history of early AND late loss, I am waiting until a little later to have a nickname.
I'm really liking Pumpkin since this baby will probably be born late Oct., maybe even on Halloween!!

Beth, I am so sorry for your loss/es. Many healthy sticky baby vibes to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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