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I'm waiting for a bunch of Kiwis
2 sellin threads diapers with a matching wet bag, changing pad, blanket set
Sellin Threads Grapefruit Lavender wool wash! Yum!
1 Very Baby Basic AIO in white
2 disposanots from the TP
1 (surprise me!) hand painted WIO from Luxe Baby
1 (surprise me!) appliqued WIO from Harleyz
1 cloud cover tester from Pickle Pants, later some Woolie fullies, too
1 RB custom Wooly Pullie
Elbee Bakers Dozen+extras like pants and stuff

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We're waiting on:
1 custom LHC fitted in lavender flowers (should be here any day)

1 Harleez custom Phillies dipe
1 Fuzbomb from eBay (should be here any day)

5 AIOs from FMBG
3 doz luscious wipes from Lullabye Dipers (should be here any day)

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6 Pipsqueak Dipes for Libby
24 wipes from Pipsqueak
8 Loveybums fitteds for Libby
6 Loveybums fitteds for new baby
12 Nanipoos fitteds for new baby
mama pads from 2 companies
Custom fitted from Beccabottoms
Custom fitted from ChooChoo Booties
Loveybums wool cover for Libby
One skein wool yarn backordered foreveeeer
Custom diaper bag from TydieTykies

I thinks that's all

I am so happy! I've NEVER had that much fluff on the way!!

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I'm waiting on:

3 sugarbums fitteds
3 sugarplumbaby fitted plus 6 wipes
4 celestial baby fitteds
2 tykies fitteds
4 Elbee fitteds (these will most likely come last)
2 Loveybums fitteds
1 Wool Loveybum-in-one
1 Beccabottoms UT AIO

plus 7 yards of Wool Jersey from a coop

I thinks that's all.

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12 Hand-Dyed ME from kimberlylibby

1 LHC AIO yellow flower
1 LHC AIO blue Hawaii
1 LHC cover pink dot
1 yellow Wonderoo
1 Earthy Baby wool soaker

And the buying isn't over yet... hehehe

I GUESS I need to buy some CPF...
And if the Wonderoo works out I'm buying some more of those...
And eventually a few more AIO from... somewhere...


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what lists you mamas have! i want to come pet all your fluff lol! all i have on order that's paid for is some FMBG covers, can't remember whether i ordered 3 or 4 lol, it's been a few wks and my brain is fried! they're a mix of smalls and mediums i think...i have an order for 4 covers (1 sm, 3 large) at mudpie babies, but i have to send the other half pymt on monday so i know it'll be a bit on it

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Im waiting on....

1 Periwinkle KiwiPie
1 Custom WIO BBH (will be awhile)
1 Custom Wool Cover BBH (will be awhile)
1 Custom 4of July AIO Baby Bloomrs
1 Custom Bananas Wipe Mess Bag Baby Bloomrs
1 Mudpie Babies Flag Cover
1 Soaker from Ebay
1 FCB Sz1 Rockets

I *think* thats it, I used to keep track but now everything just goes over my head! Who knows, maybe Im expecting more or maybe not!

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Hmm, I waiting for:
-2 large Nighty Newt soakers & some dragon doublers
-My FMBG custom order
-Wool soaker pattern from Fern & Faerie

AND: an ebay fuz purchase that I'm very concerned about b/c the seller will not return any of my emails!!!!!!!!

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3 CPC painted prefolds from the TP
1 FCB Scorpio wool cover from the TP

And I am very anxiously (I mean patiently) awaiting a large LHC order of 3 aios, 4 fitteds and some wipes. This was a $100 gift from dh and my Mom. I never have enough money to place large orders, so I can't wait to open the package and see all those lovely dipes together.
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