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What are you doing to keep that queasy feeling at bay ?

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I'm not puking. At least not yet. I'm drinking at least 3 or 4 litres of water with lemon juice each day - somehow that seems to help the constant queasiness.

Any other ideas ?
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Don't do what I do - I eat. and eat! and eat! I eat every time I get queasy and so far I have already put on 4 pounds. Sigh!

Tea seems to help some, but - alas - only if I eat something with it.
I breathe in my mouth so I don't smell anything and I try to ignore the feeling because the more I think about it the worse it gets.
Water and baby carrots, who would have thought. But my mw said morning sickness is due to an imbalance in your blood sugar, so carrots it is.
Peppermints! They are awesome when you're feeling those waves of nausea. Yesterday I nearly lost my hard-boiled egg breakfast, but my big bag of wintergreen mints saved the day. I did this with my last pg, with gum, too. Because I canNOT eat when I feel like that or I'll puke!

I'm going to get some baby carrots, then, too!
Lemon water, that's great! I was going to suggest smelling lemons. Carrying one around with me and breathing the smell of the skin in deeply was the only thing that got me through my 1st pg. I got some weird looks sometimes, but those looks were better than the looks I would have gotten had I hurled all over whereever I was LOL!

I've also used motion sickness wrist bands. They helped a little.

Hugs! MS is such a bittersweet thing, feeling so dang gross yet so happy about it lol! Hang in there!
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The only thing lately that has been keeping the queasiness at bay is drinking fresca soda. I've been queasy all the time lately.....usually it goes away in the late afternoon and I can eat, but until then even the thought of trying to eat makes me feel worse!

Maybe I'll try the mints, I've got to do something, because I've been loosing weight ever since I found out I was preggo.
I get far less nausea, at any time of the day, if I keep my protein intake up. Most nights at bedtime I have some yummy organic yogurt. The protein always helps me to feel better the next morning. I'm vegetarian, too, so I eat lots of fresh fruits, veggies and love beans. I just try to graze all day long on small bits so that I don't get very hungry.
Last time around, lemonheads- those faux lemon candies, quelled my queasiness quite well. My dentist wasn't a big fan of them though- this time around I'll probably try something with real lemon, maybe lemonade or ice water with lemon (but the thought of water makes me queasy)
Ginger does it for me, either 'chunks' or tea, you can get it at health food stores or just grate up the root and steep it and add some honey. It's really spicy but somehow it helps. Oh, acupuncture has also done wonders. feel better!
Protein, protein, protein!! My midwife suggested it with my last pregnancy, but the nausea is SO much worse this time. Increasing my protein intake has REALLY helped a lot. Whenever I feel a little queasy, I try to eat something packed with protein and it really does work.

Hope you all feel better soon!!!!
as I sit here chowing down on a double grilled cheese sandwich and reading this thread, I realized that my queasies are now gone after haunting me for the last two hours. Heehee

Peppermint tea and peppermints...both worked good for me on prior pregnancies.
ginger... i am not pregnant yet but i have been hella nauseaus lately and with heartburn too, and just eating a peice of candied ginger does wonders.
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