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What are you looking FORWARD to?

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I know it's only natural to be focused on the worry and physical yuck of early pregnancy - it's what we're going through right now. Other that the actual baby/babies... what are things about this pregnancy you are looking forward to?

Personally, I loved how I had strong nails for the first time in my life when I was pregnant with my son. I saw they were getting less papery today, so that was exciting. And I'm always curious as to what my hair is going to do. Last time my hair got a little redder than before and my waves turned more to curls... and both stuck around!
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being nice and round. i love how i look when im pregnant.

of course i can't wait to feel the baby move. its so magical.

and the baby at the end. can't wait for that.
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I'm really looking forward to appt's with my midwife again. Taking my baby in there & having her pinch him & tell me how juicy he is.....LOL! I just love that!!

I'm looking forward to finding out if it's a boy or girl, too. I already have 3 boys....maybe we'll get a girl this time around.

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Everything. Absolutely EVERYTHING!
I love being pregnant and I love how powerful labor and delivery feel. I can't wait to have a belly and feel the baby moving around.
This is our last baby, so I'm going to cherish every moment. (Remind me of that when the heartburn kicks in!)
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I'm looking foward to wearing a bikini this summer...there is just something about a pregnant mama in a bikini I love and with my other two I wasn't showing pregnant in the summer.
Feeling this babe move! I LOVE that

Labor and birth, but hoping it will go quicker than last time!
and of course meeting this new babe!!!!!!!!!
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I'm looking forward to my largeness being BABY and not just fat.
And I'm looking forward to feeling the baby move for the first time. I'm looking forward to actually experiencing the third trimester, even if it is uncomfortable... only got 1.5 weeks into it last time! I'm looking forward to labor and delivery (not sure if it will be out-of-hospital or in-hospital at this point, but I have a good OB that I know I can easily get a natural birth in the hospital, and I did it last time without a good OB... So I'm good either way
). I look forward to actually holding my baby as soon as it's born, instead of having to wait until the next day. And I look forward to taking my baby home when I'm ready to go home... I think that was the hardest part of last birth - being rolled down to the car in a wheel chair WITHOUT my baby, while every other woman coming out had a baby in their arms.
My baby was alive and well, thankfully, so it could have been worse. But it was just a horrible time to go home from the hospital with empty arms. So I look forward to taking my baby home (from either birth house or hospital) when I go home.
My OB says the chance of me having PROM again is pretty much nil - technically it's 10-20%, but he says in reality, it's pretty close to 0.
I'm going to probably be on edge until I get past 29 weeks!
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I love how thick my hair gets and how much it grows!!!! I love having a big huge belly! Of course I can't wait to feel this little one moving around, that is one of the best feelings!!
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The only thing I want is a living healthy baby. At this point, I honestly don't care about anything else.

But that being said, I really enjoy the second trimester. Being big, but not awkward yet, and feeling the baby move.
This is our first, and I can't wait to get to 12 weeks. Also I'm near the beach and I will SO be one of those cute preggo mama's in a biniki! Also I get to paint my belly like a big pumpkin for Oct 31st! Now that I'm done listing the material things! I just can't wait to be a mamma! I'm excited but scared, and I just can't wait to hold my little muffin and she what he/she looks like.
Hmmm...I can't wait till I start enjoying food again! It's so bizarre because I'll have these dreams where I'm digging into a plate of delicious food and relishing it and then when I wake up, I'm like, ugh, everything looks gross!

I'm looking forward to my first midwife appt because I think that will help me chill out a little bit and worry a bit less, and also waiting for the end of april so I can be officially in the 2nd trimester (another reason to worry a little less). before becoming pg I didn't realize that because I tend to get over-worried about my *own* health I'm obviously gonna get even more worried during pregnancy. Well...what better time to just get over it, eh?

I'm also looking forward to hearing the heartbeat, seeing the baby (will be having 1 ultrasound) and of course actually having it in my arms. I don't know many ppl with babies and so after a year or two of never even holding one/seeing one up close the other day I held my friend's baby at her shower. I just loved that "baby smell" and can't wait to hold mine!
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A big round tummy and feeling the baby moving in there.
I am looking forward to feeling our baby move, seeing my belly grow, how long and thick my hair gets, and I am already starting off longer this time.
I get this awesome peaceful feeling inside me when I am pregnant, so I can't wait for that. I also feel so feminine while I am growing a baby in me.
I just feel so amazing being pregnant, I could be pregnant forever, lol. I also want to be able to show off my belly during the summer, and have a Halloween belly (or a Halloween baby?).
I can't wait for all of it! I am so excited!!
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