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What are your fav washable nursing pads?

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I need to buy some pads, but I hate the bulls-eyes on my breast look that most give you. Does anyone have suggestions? I've seen the Lily Pads, but they wierd me out for some odd reason
: What others have you tried & liked?
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I like the medela lace washable bra pads.

I don't like LilyPadz. I found them inconvenient to use -- other bra pads can stay in your bra while you're nursing. Lily Padz need to be laid on a clean surface, and then carefully reapplied. Which is really hard to do discreetly! Plus, I'm pretty sure they gave me mastitis.
I just got these cheap Gerber ones from Wal-Mart. I think they were like 3 bucks for a pack of 6 pads.
gerber, thin and really absorbant. love them. they are cheap and you can always douple layer them without being noticed under your shirt!
I used the Gerber ones with my first dd, and they were perfectly fine. This time around I used Lansinoh disposables, but recently decided I need to be more environmentally responsible and bought the Lansinoh washables. I've only been using them about two weeks but I really like them so far. They are thicker than the Gerber ones, which I kind of like for the extra padding.
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So it sounds like the Gerber & the Medela lace one are msot popular. Good to know! Thanks!
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