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lucy (5yo) loves papa to read tin tin comic books.
mira (22mos) likes all 7 of her lift-the-flap "spot" books.
myself, i like "i don't want to go to bed" by julie sykes/tim warnes. little tiger goes off into the jungle and sees all his friends - lion, hippo,..... going thru their bedtime routines, eventually ends up home where he cuddles up to mama and sleeps. no cribs in the jungle!. i also like "i am not sleepy and i will not go to bed" by lauren child. lola drinks pink milk with 3 tigers, brushes her teeth with a lion, takes a bath with a whale (after shooing one whale down the drain so there would be room for lola in the tub....) and generally impedes the progress of her bedtime routine. the pictures are a mix of scribbly drawings and photos.
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