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What are your favorite covers?

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I didn't discover the "joy" of covers until a couple of months ago, and now I seem to have a cover addiction instead of a diaper addiction, :LOL

So, what are your favorites? Favorite wook? Favorite fleece? Favorite PUL/nylon?

My absolute favorites are Patchwork Pixie Woodland Wraps! I now have 4 and LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I cannot say enough good things about them.

I really don't like fleece covers at all, but I do love my Granny's Ark custom made UGA cover. Christian wears every Saturday as we watch college football.

And, my favorite nylon covers are Bummis right now.
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My favorite for day is Bummis SW Snap. I haven't had much luck with the velcro lasting on the other bummis. For night, my choice is Aristocrat!
I love my Sugarpeas wool!!!
I also really like Stacinator fleece for nighttime.
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Sugarpeas wool and if I had to pick a pul it would be motherease AF, also sugarbums wool pants.
My First Class Baby wool covers. They are thinner than a teeshirt and I just love my embroidered one. They are so so trim. I also love my Little Turtle Knits wool soaker
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I like motherease rikkis and imsevimse bumpy day.

I'd like to know where to get cute pul wahm covers.
Patchwork Pixie Wool Wraps are at the top of my list for front snapping covers. I think I am up to 9 now.

And Tootsweet wool covers are my favorite side snapping.
Yes, please share! I need your wisdom...I received my prefolds from Andrea today
and my two proraps but am thinking I want 2 more. Any suggestions?

Looking for trim PUL I think, although I'm not opposed to wool. could afford 2 pul covers or one basic wool.
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I love my Bumkins for day and Stacinator deluxe fleece for night.

my favorites are little turtle knits, freshies wool and aristocrats
Originally posted by carrietorgc
Yes, please share! I need your wisdom...

Looking for trim PUL I think, although I'm not opposed to wool. could afford 2 pul covers or one basic wool.
Motherease Airflows don't look trim but they smoosh down and fit nicely under clothes. I used one regularly for about 6 months and it still looks and acts like new.
My workhorse covers are Bummis SIWW.
I also love SugarPeas wool!
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I like Snapdragons from the posie patch, sugarbums PUL, dappi nylon, and of course my own soakers.
ANyone ever used cozy time covers? how trim are they?
I use Bummis SIWW over my pf's always unless it's laundry day and then I use one of my recycle wool covers. The wool aren't my favorites because out of the 3 different ones that I ordered only one fits her well. Lesson learned.
My favorite covers are: kool sheep soakers, bummis siww, righteous baby woolie pullie, country cuttins pul, granny's ark,etc
Some of my favorite cover makin wahms are...

Earth Seedlings
Celestial Baby
Grannys Ark
Woolie Babies
Tuesday Bear
Hidden Pearl Creations
Fern & Faerie
Flicker N Suds

Hope that helps! There are more that i like, but I can't think right now... nak

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I *love* how these covers fit my kiddos. They don't have gussets, which I initally thought would be a problem, but they're extra wide in the stride, so they fit close to the leg, even in a squatting position. I have some PUL ones that are beautiful, but my absolute and total devotion is reserved for the lightweight Windpro. It's so soft, breathable, water-resistant, trim, and colorful. Now I feel like I'm putting clothing on my kids instead of plasticky covers (especially when I get my big order from Terri).

I also have some Angel Wraps WP covers, which are also awesome. They fit well (although the do gape a bit at the thigh in a squat), and they are so cute with the print tabs. The ones I have are midweight WP, so not quite as trim as the FMBG's. I use these at night.
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My favorite cover is side-snapping PUL from

I have one (and one in the mail) and I wish I'd gotten all of my covers from Dina.

My Bummis Pull-on (no cotton) is a close second place because it's on and off so easily. (and so trim, too!)
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