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what book to you like?

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Ok, I just posted below about getting a book, and now starting looking to get one. I am trying to pick between Laurie Boucke's and Ingrid Bauer's. For those of you familar with either, what do you recommend?

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I read both, and liked both. As far as advice about how to do EC, I think they're both pretty similar, and either would do fine. Both were good for getting me enthusiastic about the whole idea and making me think it could really work. Laurie Boucke's has a section at the end with summaries of how people in various other countries handle EC-type training, and I found that quite interesting. Really, the idea behind EC is so simple that you probably don't even need a book. If you've read a little about it on the web, you probably already have the basic idea. What I did was get both books out of the library. I felt like once I had read them through once, that was enough, and I didn't really need to have one around to consult on a regular basis. If your local library doesn't have them, you should be able to request them through inter-library loan.
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