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What can chiropractic do for my 7 month old?

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He's pretty happy during the day, but he wakes up screaming several times a night. We wonder if he's in pain, but then he's fine during the day.

So, since nothing is medically wrong with him, far as we know, what could chiropractic do for him?

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has your ds been working on any major milestones, like crawling or sitting?

ds often wakes up screaming in the middle of the night lately, too. he's working on crawling and cruising, and I think he's having a hard time processing his day, and is basically letting out frustration and tension after he goes to sleep.

although I'm curious if a trip to the chiro might help, if nothing else it may help him to relax.
A chiropractor can check and adjust the alignment of his spine if needed. Our chiropractor has a free kids day once a month and Cameron went for the first time when he was only 2 wks old. The chiropractor held him up on his chest, head hanging over shoulders and felt up his spine, when there was a spot that stuck out a little more (not the correct term for it), he tapped it back into place. He had me touch it before and after to see the difference. Cameron was TOTALLY content in his arms and didn't mind at all. DH and I both have chronic back problems so we are just staying on top of things for our child, hoping he doesn't develop them as bad as we have.

Make sure your chiropractor has experience with kids and babies. Ours has a 6 month old daughter and we've gone to him for several years.

It can't hurt.

Hope that helps.
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