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She is dianosed with clinical depression for some years now. She used to see a personal therapist and a family therapist with my younger siblings and her husband.<br><br>
At some point she stopped seeing her personal therapist, not sure when. Lately though, the last few months things, have been getting much worse.<br><br>
I live halfway across the nation from her and the rest of my family. She has been becoming more distant and negative in our phone conversations lately. Extended family members have been asking me questions and are worried about her.<br><br>
Tonight I talked to my 16 yr old brother and he is worried enough to mention it. He says she's getting really bad and he's worried about suicide. Now he may be acting a bit overdramatic but he does say she's said things like she doesn't care if she lives or dies. And why should she keep living since we are all just growing up and leaving her (I've been married 7 yrs and live far away, my sister has left and has lots of issues with addiction, and my brother wants to join the military).<br><br>
What can I do? What should I do? Should I call her church pastor? She doesn't really have any best friends so I wouldn't know which of her friends to contact.<br><br>
Please give me some advice!

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A church pastor might be a good place to start. My dh is a pastor and he regularly gets phone calls from family members who live at a dstance and are concerned about their parents.<br><br>
The pastor can arrange a pastoral visit, and if he/she knows some of your concerns migt be able to offer some support and encourage your mother to see a physician or therapist. He/she might also be able to invite your mother into some social activities at her church which could be helpful or supoprtive for her.<br><br>
A phone call to her physician would be anoterh idea. The physician cannot give out any information to you over the phone, but most doctors are willing to listen adn take notes of a family member's concern and address them at your mother's next apoointment.<br><br>
You could also just try calling a couple of her friends - a few minutes on the phone should give you an idea of who is close enough or inolved enough to be supportive to your mom. It can't hurt to try.<br><br>
This is a lot of stress for your 16 year old brother to be carrying. Can you appeal to your mother to have some family therapy with him - just because she is depressed about the nest emptying doesn't mean he has to go through this - he is still there! Or nmaybe going back to her personal therpaist to deal with the depression and grief issues of her children growing up and leaving home - your little brother shold not be bearing tht at his age.<br><br>
It is so difficult to support parents when we live far away. If your mother isn't responsive, maybe you could focus your support on your brother.
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